Caroline - My First photo Shoot a little kid!

Caroline Adamson! I asked Pam before she they left for England, if I could take an hour to shoot Caroline. I wanted to try to expand my field by shooting kids. I feel like the photo shoot was quite the learning curve. You can't really suggest poses for Caroline, and basically just have to follow her around trying to get the best images. 

I think she is a very cute little girl. When I first got Kaitlin's house, I had Harry with me. As soon as we walk into the house, Caroline turns to us and yells "OH MY GOD!!! IS THAT A PUPPY DOG!!!" She runs right to Harry to start petting him. Awesome little kid! Hopefully I will get to see her, and Jordie, and PAM soon! 

I wanted to start trying different areas of shooting, and I asked Pam if I could shoot Caroline. This was the same day they were leaving for England... For 4 years! I hope to see them soon!